This programme is ideally suited to primary schools with over 200 projects and activities supplied on both CD and  this website, many directly linked to the National Curriculum.

These cover most subjects including Science, Literacy, Numeracy, D & T and are across all levels of education.

All these resources are available from our website prior to delivery of the kit, saving the teacher valuable preparation time while maximising the benefits for the pupil.

Wall posters are available detailing ‘Life Cycle’ or ‘Embryo Development’ depending on the age group.

Please see our Living Eggs EYFS, KS1 & 2 Planner and fundraising ideas.

The wonder of seeing eggs hatch had the whole school buzzing.

Mr Broderick

Without a doubt, having the Living eggs chicks here brings the best out of our children’s learning in science and helps to develop them further as responsible and caring young people. The staff at Living eggs are always so professional and are always on call for any support we might need to ensure the chicks are happy and healthy.



Living Eggs at Star Primary School
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