Putting these eggs in a classroom is a splendid way to stimulate discussion about life.” Professor Paul Howard-Jones, Educational Neuroscientist, University of Bristol.

Secret Lives of 4 Year Olds – 08/11/2016, Channel 4

This is such a lovely thing to do! Like the other children, Jasmine couldn’t wait to tell me all about it – how the chick was wet at first and fell over but then it dried off and was all soft and golden! She can’t wait to come back tomorrow.

Nursery school

We have had the chicks for a few years running now and completely love the wonderful experience and think the company is fab!

Holly Spring Infant school.

It’s been wonderful as always and the experience engages both the children and staff (especially the staff)!!!

The Royal School for the Blind

“Created ‘awe and wonder’ for children, particularly less able. Promoted good writing experience, especially for boys”

– Ashcroft Infants

“ Lots of language from children with speech and language difficulties”

– The Pines School

“In our setting the nurturing is invaluable”

– Kingston Centre

“All Pupils at the Centre were involved – brought out the softer side of our more troubled pupils”

– Orchard Centre