‘Whole school interest & community involvement.
Lots of language from children with speech and language difficulties’

St Peter’s Primary Academy

‘Unique experience to see eggs hatching. Wonderful inspiration for work.’

St Luke’s School

‘Fantastic hands-on, first hand Experience for the whole school’

All Saints C of E Primary

‘Wonderful inspiration for work.’

St Luke’s School

’Children were engrossed in the whole programme’

Corpus Christi

’Provided opportunities for Cross-Curricular work.’ 

St Cuthbert’s

’The whole experience stimulated interest and fed into all areas of the Curriculum.’

St John CE School

‘Children very engaged in linked writing – instructions on how to take care of chicks.’

Montgomery School

‘Children were fascinated & it inspired lots to want to write.’

Arley Primary School

‘Amazing to watch! Very educational for the children & staff.’

Southgate PreSchool

‘The children loved the whole experience – just magical: Thank you.’

Holywell Primary School

‘The children loved it! Super Science & writing achieved.’

Greenfield Primary

‘Really exciting & good learning opportunities for the children.’

Seedlings Nursery

‘Links to IPC topic ‘I’m Alive’ –  Good Introduction to living things and there are Links across Curriculum to develop Yr 1 target skills’.

Park Hill

‘Lots of super resources which we have used. The children have been thoroughly engrossed with the chicks. Watching them hatch was priceless! Absolutely brilliant experience!’

St Thomas

‘The whole school has had an incredibly beneficial experience.’

St Anne’s

‘Children and Staff loved the Programme. Children were very enthusiastic about learning details of the life cycle of a chick. Very efficient and informative delivery.’

St Mary’s Primary

‘Provided opportunities for cross curricular work from Nursery to Yr 6. Parents were also involved.’

St Cuthberts

‘Accessible to whole school who were all engaged and motivated’

St Peter’s

‘Excitement and motivation enhanced Science, Writing, Maths, Creativity and Observation Skills’

St Francis School

‘Having the chicks helps the children to open up and talk excitedly about what they see (even the quiet ones)’.

Ravensdale School

‘Reception class and the rest of the school were all keen to be involved’

St Mary’s Primary

‘Very easy Programme and good instructions’

St Joseph’s Primary

‘Booking and delivery services were excellent as always.’

The Wendy House

‘Lovely Programme with all information needed provided. Children across the whole school enjoyed the experience with many learning opportunities.’

Our Lady’s School

‘Lots of children came to see the chicks. Parents appreciated the opportunity to give their children a new experience. All very interested and asked a lot of questions’.

Windmill Children’s Centre

‘Children were fascinated to see eggs hatch into chicks. They used lots of imagination, exploration and language’.

First Steps Nursery

‘Educational in terms of Life Cycles, but simply a very enjoyable experience and very useful to talk about caring and nutritional needs’.

Lighthouse Nursery

’It was beneficial to the children’s learning as they learnt about lifecycles and focused on the experience with a range of activities over the two weeks.’

Building Blocks Nursery

‘Real-life experience rather than book/video  –  more memorable!’

First Steps Nursery