See Classroom Images

Colour Farm scene.

Farm animals – pictures to use

Do colouring activities using templates.

Easter Cards and Baskets

Make a wall collage using the Templates, with a background and farm animals made by children using different materials e.g. feathers, scrunched/cut/torn paper or crepe paper, tissue paper, wool or material for chicks, hens and cockerels; hay or sticks for nest. (see Collage examples)

Make a Chicken mask

Draw some really large hens and roosters, and decorate using brown or black hand prints of the children as feathers. Finish with a red hand print for the comb.

Trace around a child’s body on a large sheet of paper and decorate by painting or collage to make a farmer.

Create your own hens and roosters from papier-mache. Use balloons to create these farmyard friends and coloured paper/card to finish off the beak, comb, tail feathers and feet.

Cut apples, potatoes or carrots in half and use for printing. These can make lovely chicks. Just add beaks, feet and eyes.

Make your own chicken faces with paper plates.

Sketch a chick.

Make chick collages.

Make a Felt chicken cosy

Draw and paint big yellow chicks, cut them out, add detail and display around the room.

Make a cracked egg, with a chick in it.. See Templates for chicks

Colour in the Life Cycle sheet with pencils or paint and cotton buds.

Discuss the life cycle and create a class wall poster or a mobile.

Create finger puppets/puppets/shadow puppets to represent your chickens.

Decorate hard boiled eggs (especially appropriate for Easter).

Cut and colour eggs to make a mobile to decorate classroom at Easter.

Create a centrepiece for Easter.

Using a stamp pad, make chicks with finger and thumb prints.

Print statements for each child recognizing what they’ve enjoyed about the chicks and have children illustrate.

Illustrate diaries and other writing.

Design a ‘Hen house for sale‘ poster


Music and Drama