‘It was well organised and handed over professionally. The children gained an experience they have not been part of before. The PowerPoints were great, as were the Life Cycle popouts. We will definitely be using the Programme again next year.’

The Meads Primary

‘Accessible to whole school who were all engaged and motivated’

St Peter’s

“In our setting the nurturing is invaluable”

– Kingston Centre

‘Provided opportunities for cross curricular work from Nursery to Yr 6. Parents were also involved.’

St Cuthberts

‘Lovely Programme with all information needed provided. Children across the whole school enjoyed the experience with many learning opportunities.’

Our Lady’s School

‘The Programme impacted on the children’s speech development & awareness of the wider world.’

Grove School

‘This has been an amazing experience for our school. Thank you for providing this service. It has not only brought our whole school community together, it has generated many discussions both in school & for our families at home.’

Westwood Primary

‘The children loved the whole experience – just magical: Thank you.’

Holywell Primary School

‘Fantastic hands-on, first hand Experience for the whole school’

All Saints C of E Primary

‘Booking and delivery services were excellent as always.’

The Wendy House

‘Children and Staff loved the Programme. Children were very enthusiastic about learning details of the life cycle of a chick. Very efficient and informative delivery.’

St Mary’s Primary

‘Having the chicks helps the children to open up and talk excitedly about what they see (even the quiet ones)’.

Ravensdale School

‘Perfect for Primary-aged children – from the Nursery upwards. Even the local Community is often involved’.

St Anne’s

‘ Very pleased once again and will be rebooking for next year. It’s been an incredible experience throughout the school, as used live streaming to watch the hatching.’

St Anne’s

‘Whole school interest & community involvement.
Lots of language from children with speech and language difficulties’

St Peter’s Primary Academy

‘The Nursery children, their parents, staff and children from upper school enjoyed the excitement and experience of watching the eggs hatch and observing the growth of chicks over the 2 weeks.’

Holy Trinity

“ Lots of language from children with speech and language difficulties”

– The Pines School

‘The whole school became involved watching the progress on our school learning platform, video clips and regular visits.’ 

St Teresa’s Catholic Primary

‘Brilliant! We made a film about the life cycle.’

St Martins

‘Children were fascinated & it inspired lots to want to write.’

Arley Primary School

‘Really exciting & good learning opportunities for the children.’

Seedlings Nursery

‘Children very engaged in linked writing – instructions on how to take care of chicks.’

Montgomery School

‘Very easy Programme and good instructions’

St Joseph’s Primary

Putting these eggs in a classroom is a splendid way to stimulate discussion about life.”

Professor Paul Howard-Jones, Educational Neuroscientist, University of Bristol.

Secret Lives of 4-Year-Olds, Channel 4

’Children were engrossed in the whole programme’

Corpus Christi

’Helps support the Creative Curriculum’ & ‘A wonderful stimulus for work across the Curriculum’


‘Links to IPC topic ‘I’m Alive’ –  Good Introduction to living things and there are Links across Curriculum to develop Yr 1 target skills’.

Park Hill

’The children loved having the chicks and as our pupils are in the Centre for various physical and mental health needs, it was wonderful to see their interaction with the chicks.’

Cherry Trees

‘Amazing to watch! Very educational for the children & staff.’

Southgate PreSchool

“All Pupils at the Centre were involved – brought out the softer side of our more troubled pupils”

– Orchard Centre