‘Great learning experience for all the children which created great use of language, understanding of the world & number work & writing.’

Mapledene School

‘Excitement and motivation enhanced Science, Writing, Maths, Creativity and Observation Skills’

St Francis School

‘Lovely Programme with all information needed provided. Children across the whole school enjoyed the experience with many learning opportunities.’

Our Lady’s School

‘Children’s education literally coming to life’

Brookvale School

It’s a brilliant Programme. Our class loved the experience and we shared the experience with the rest of the school.

St Paul’s Catholic Primary School

‘Great real-life experience – memories for life.’

Somerville Primary

It’s been wonderful as always and the experience engages both the children and staff (especially the staff)!!!

The Royal School for the Blind

‘Seeing the eggs hatch is a fantastic opportunity and a well-loved tradition in our school. It promotes many areas of our EYFS curriculum. Thank you for another brilliant learning opportunity!’

St Chad’s Primary

‘Supported and enhanced delivery of Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.’

Bushbury Nursery

‘The Programme inspired children’s writing and improved their knowledge and understanding of life cycles and how to care for and look after animals.’

Green Meadow Primary

‘The children loved it! Super Science & writing achieved.’

Greenfield Primary

‘Great educational tool. Children were really engaged.’

West Heath School

‘Brilliant! We made a film about the life cycle.’

St Martins

’Very efficient booking and delivery services. The Programme supported our life cycle topic and gave pupils and staff a wonderful experience.’

Sunshine School

“Created ‘awe and wonder’ for children, particularly less able. Promoted good writing experience, especially for boys”

– Ashcroft Infants

‘Perfect for Primary-aged children – from the Nursery upwards. Even the local Community is often involved’.

St Anne’s

’The children loved having the chicks and as our pupils are in the Centre for various physical and mental health needs, it was wonderful to see their interaction with the chicks.’

Cherry Trees

‘Lots of children came to see the chicks. Parents appreciated the opportunity to give their children a new experience. All very interested and asked a lot of questions’.

Windmill Children’s Centre

‘The Programme impacted on the children’s speech development & awareness of the wider world.’

Grove School

‘Delivery was friendly and helpful. The Programme was easy and well planned with great information. It was absolutely fantastic. We had parents in each day as well! We put the chicks on a live link to our website each night. ‘Children across the school have been in awe of the programme’.

St Phillips

“ Lots of language from children with speech and language difficulties”

– The Pines School

‘We have had Living Eggs for many years. The Programme is amazing. The children love the hands-on learning and it’s all very positive for Staff, children and parents. It helps settle new children.
Thank you
Living Eggs!’

Willow Nursery

The Living Eggs Programme ‘is an amazing visual aid and that the children were very engaged in the Life Cycle process. For some it was the first understanding of where chicks come from!’

Castle Business and Enterprise College

‘It was well organised and handed over professionally. The children gained an experience they have not been part of before. The PowerPoints were great, as were the Life Cycle popouts. We will definitely be using the Programme again next year.’

The Meads Primary

‘Created ‘awe and wonder’ among school community.’

St Albans School

‘Children throughout the school were enthralled by the whole process of hatching chicks as we set up a webcam the incubator. The reception class loved the caring for living things side of the experience. I have always been impressed by the way the Programme is set up.’

Featherstone School

‘Accessible to whole school who were all engaged and motivated’

St Peter’s

‘Really exciting & good learning opportunities for the children.’

Seedlings Nursery

Putting these eggs in a classroom is a splendid way to stimulate discussion about life.”

Professor Paul Howard-Jones, Educational Neuroscientist, University of Bristol.

Secret Lives of 4-Year-Olds, Channel 4

‘Wonderful for language development, Science, writing inspiration, caring for each others/animals…’

Carlton Primary