‘Having the chicks helps the children to open up and talk excitedly about what they see (even the quiet ones)’.

Ravensdale School

“ Lots of language from children with speech and language difficulties”

– The Pines School

‘Educational in terms of Life Cycles, but simply a very enjoyable experience and very useful to talk about caring and nutritional needs’.

Lighthouse Nursery

’Very efficient booking and delivery services. The Programme supported our life cycle topic and gave pupils and staff a wonderful experience.’

Sunshine School

’Very educational, created lots of awe and wonder as well as good questions.’

Highfield School

‘Brilliant! All children were engaged. It was emotionally and academically a success’  ‘We have had a truly amazing time, thank you for the opportunity.’

All Saints

‘Fabulous! We had over 20,000 hits on our live webcam which was shown over 14 days’

Solihull School

‘Absolutely fantastic and can’t wait to do it again next year.’

Little Scholars

‘I would like to thank you for our amazing chick experience. The whole process has been very professional and incredibly enjoyable’.

St Bernadette’s Primary

‘The children loved it! Super Science & writing achieved.’

Greenfield Primary

‘Created ‘awe and wonder’ for children, particularly less able. Promoted good writing experience, especially for boys’


‘A very enjoyable and educational resource – the children were enthralled, Engaging older Children and Raising the Profile of Science Within The School’

Little Acorns

‘Always wonderful as the ‘Wow’ factor. It encourages children to talk and is a platform for much learning.’

St George School

‘Whole school interest & community involvement.
Lots of language from children with speech and language difficulties’

St Peter’s Primary Academy

‘Children were fascinated to see eggs hatch into chicks. They used lots of imagination, exploration and language’.

First Steps Nursery

‘The whole school, children, teachers & parents loved having the chicks in school.’

Maple School

‘We have had Living Eggs for many years. The Programme is amazing. The children love the hands-on learning and it’s all very positive for Staff, children and parents. It helps settle new children.
Thank you
Living Eggs!’

Willow Nursery

‘The Nursery children, their parents, staff and children from upper school enjoyed the excitement and experience of watching the eggs hatch and observing the growth of chicks over the 2 weeks.’

Holy Trinity

‘Children and Staff loved the Programme. Children were very enthusiastic about learning details of the life cycle of a chick. Very efficient and informative delivery.’

St Mary’s Primary

‘Reception class and the rest of the school were all keen to be involved’

St Mary’s Primary

‘Children very engaged in linked writing – instructions on how to take care of chicks.’

Montgomery School

’The whole experience stimulated interest and fed into all areas of the Curriculum.’

St John CE School

“In our setting the nurturing is invaluable”

– Kingston Centre

‘Adds value to the Curriculum & experiential learning.’

Ark School

‘Children were fascinated & it inspired lots to want to write.’

Arley Primary School

‘Children throughout the school were enthralled by the whole process of hatching chicks as we set up a webcam the incubator. The reception class loved the caring for living things side of the experience. I have always been impressed by the way the Programme is set up.’

Featherstone School

‘EYFS planning was very useful.’

Woodlands Nursery

’Children were engrossed in the whole programme’

Corpus Christi

It’s a brilliant Programme. Our class loved the experience and we shared the experience with the rest of the school.

St Paul’s Catholic Primary School

We have had the chicks for a few years running now and completely love the wonderful experience and think the company is fab!

Holly Spring Infant school.