‘Very beneficial in terms of well-being, self-esteem, caring for a living creature’

The Oaks

‘Delivery was friendly and helpful. The Programme was easy and well planned with great information. It was absolutely fantastic. We had parents in each day as well! We put the chicks on a live link to our website each night. ‘Children across the school have been in awe of the programme’.

St Phillips

‘ Very pleased once again and will be rebooking for next year. It’s been an incredible experience throughout the school, as used live streaming to watch the hatching.’

St Anne’s

“All Pupils at the Centre were involved – brought out the softer side of our more troubled pupils”

– Orchard Centre

‘Lovely Programme with all information needed provided. Children across the whole school enjoyed the experience with many learning opportunities.’

Our Lady’s School

It’s been wonderful as always and the experience engages both the children and staff (especially the staff)!!!

The Royal School for the Blind

‘Provided opportunities for cross curricular work from Nursery to Yr 6. Parents were also involved.’

St Cuthberts

‘The Programme inspired children’s writing and improved their knowledge and understanding of life cycles and how to care for and look after animals.’

Green Meadow Primary

‘Has brought the whole school community together. All ages have identified with the whole Programme – adults, parents, children, siblings, nursery…Perfect!

Westgate School

‘Real-life experience rather than book/video  –  more memorable!’

First Steps Nursery

‘Links to IPC topic ‘I’m Alive’ –  Good Introduction to living things and there are Links across Curriculum to develop Yr 1 target skills’.

Park Hill

‘Unique experience to see eggs hatching. Wonderful inspiration for work.’

St Luke’s School

‘Booking and delivery services were excellent as always.’

The Wendy House

‘Fantastic experience for pupils. Lots of learning opportunities and links to Curriculum’.

St Francis School

‘Fantastic hands-on, first hand Experience for the whole school’

All Saints C of E Primary

‘Whole school interest & community involvement.
Lots of language from children with speech and language difficulties’

St Peter’s Primary Academy

‘Supported and enhanced delivery of Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.’

Bushbury Nursery

‘I would like to thank you for our amazing chick experience. The whole process has been very professional and incredibly enjoyable’.

St Bernadette’s Primary

Great excitement fills the nursery as chicks have hatched in the incubator. Children bring their parents along to check on the chicks’ progress, sharing their joy in witnessing this truly magical experience.


‘Absolutely fantastic and can’t wait to do it again next year.’

Little Scholars

‘The whole school became involved watching the progress on our school learning platform, video clips and regular visits.’ 

St Teresa’s Catholic Primary

‘Wonderful inspiration for work.’

St Luke’s School

‘Supported all of our EYFS Curriculum.’

St Chad’s

‘Brilliant! All children were engaged. It was emotionally and academically a success’  ‘We have had a truly amazing time, thank you for the opportunity.’

All Saints

The Living Eggs Programme ‘is an amazing visual aid and that the children were very engaged in the Life Cycle process. For some it was the first understanding of where chicks come from!’

Castle Business and Enterprise College

‘Created ‘awe and wonder’ for children, particularly less able. Promoted good writing experience, especially for boys’


“In our setting the nurturing is invaluable”

– Kingston Centre

‘Adds value to the Curriculum & experiential learning.’

Ark School

“ Lots of language from children with speech and language difficulties”

– The Pines School

It’s a brilliant Programme. Our class loved the experience and we shared the experience with the rest of the school.

St Paul’s Catholic Primary School