Upon supplying the Living Eggs Chicken Hatching Programme the ownership of the eggs and chicks passes to you the customer.

In the interest of animal welfare we require that you nominate a responsible person to care for the chicks.

While we are available for advice at any time, the ultimate responsibility for the welfare of the chicks is yours.

From time to time a chick may appear poorly. This occurs in all life forms. Apart from our Advice Line we ask that you have plans in place to deal with any problems that may occur as per RSPCA guidelines. This may include having a person experienced with animals or the details of a local vet, if needed, and any costs involved in the care of the chicks will be at the customers expense.

We can only collect chicks on the date agreed to at time of booking and detailed in our confirmation details unless agreed with your Local Area Manager. All chicks that are returned to us are ethically placed through our vast network of farmers and hobbyists.

Please do not send any chicks to animal refuges or shelters as they do a wonderful job with limited budgets and don’t need the unnecessary extra costs and work load. The chicks do not need to be ‘rescued’ as the chicks that are not kept by schools and care homes are ethically placed with small holders, hobbyists and enthusiasts.

The five freedoms of animal welfare [read more about these on the FAWC website]

Animal welfare legislation and the Farm Animal Welfare Committee (FAWC) state that you have a duty of care to ensure your animals have freedom:

  • from hunger and thirst – animals must have access to fresh water and a diet which will maintain health and vigour
  • from discomfort – an appropriate environment should be provided, including shelter and a comfortable resting area
  • from pain, injury or disease – you must ensure the prevention of illness, or rapid diagnosis and treatment
  • to express normal behaviour – you should provide sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animal’s own kind from fear and distress – you must provide conditions and treatment which avoid mental suffering

By booking our programme, you confirm that you understand and agree to our Term and Conditions.