The Beast from the East

Here in the North East we had a really white start to our 2018 hatching programme.

This is the road up to my office where I have the chicks and all my equipment, the car was completely snowed in.

It took days to get the council to come round and clear the road.  When it got to the Saturday before I was due to deliver the chicks and the road was still blocked, I sent out an SOS to my friends and they all trudged up the road, a 2 mile track from the village, to help me clear a path up

to the farm so we could get your precious chicks delivered to you.

I am so lucky to have such good friends, I had been making the journey up to the office 3 times a day to check on the eggs in the incubators.

The Beast from the East took us all by surprise, especially the councils who were trying to keep the main roads open.  However they did eventually come out just as we were all trudging back down the road and even with this big tractor we had to dig out trenches for him to get started.

I’m truly grateful to everyone who helped during this time both friends and colleagues, we really did go to great lengths to get your chicks to you in 2018.

The schools and nurseries also did a great job of taking care of their precious chicks.  The Head Teacher at Acklington was escorted into her school by a snow plough to sort out her new brood.  The word went round all the children living in the village and they all got into school to watch them hatch.

They were so worried their school would suffer a power-cut that they moved the brooder box inside a giant cardboard box complete with hot water bottle and blankets on a sledge through the snow.

Adversity often brings the best out of us and certainly any school or nursery who had Living Eggs during this time will never forget their experience.

If you would like to book your Livi

Egg Hatching Programme North East

The North East Living Eggs Hatching Programme has been bringing joy and wonder to Schools, Nurseries and Nursing Homes for over 11 years now.  Jo and the team are very much looking forward to delivering our 2019 batch of chicks to you all, with a little extra surprise for all our primary and nursery schools.…

How about some fundaising?

We have so many ideas on our website about how you can do some fundraising towards the cost of the Living Eggs experience. The programme represents egg-sellent (sorry – couldn’t resist!) value for money, costing only £25 per day for each the 10 days that the eggs/chicks are with you. Have a look online for our ideas.…