Adam and I wanted to say a very big ‘Thank You’ to all our Living Eggs Customers.  We have received some lovely feedback from our Priority Customers regarding their recent Living Eggs – Original and Ethical Chick Hatching Programs in schools and it has been wonderful to see the beautiful artwork and writing that the Children have produced.

We are currently taking bookings for the upcoming 2019 Spring and Summer Term dates, please feel free to email me on: or alternatively call me on: 07896 461 125 if you would like to Book your Hatching Program or even if you would like further information.

What’s being said by our happy customers:

‘Everything was well planned and organised and it covered all aspect of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum’  Mrs. Seed

‘The Support Materials are very good and it is a fantastic first hand experience for the children’  Mrs. Sidebottom

‘Our children always love Living Eggs and it fits in well with our topic of growth’ Mrs Hill

‘The Program was beneficial to the children as it gave an understanding of a life cycle, caring of living things and empathy’ Mrs Rimmer

‘There were lots of opportunities to talk about change, caring for living things and hygiene’ Mrs Stockman